A Guide to Dryland Training: SWYMLINE’s indoor swim bench changing the way you swim

Covid19 and lockdowns presented swimmers, triathletes, and professionals with a problem. Swimming pools were closed, and training in the pool was not possible.

SWYMLINE was invented to change the way you dryland train. The very first of its kind to blend an intense swimming workout with a video game experience. 

Innovative and Interactive. Our indoor swim trainer has been designed to stimulate the full swimming experience from the comfort of your own home. 

Dryland training may not be the same as training in the pool but is encouraged and recommended by professional coaches and triathletes, and something that you should introduce into your training routine. 

What are the benefits?

The three main benefits to Dryland Training:  

Build your strength. Save your time. Improve your technique  

1) Build your strength  

Dryland training increases your strength by using body weight exercises, but there are often not specific to the muscles required for swimming. Our indoor trainer will help build your strength by utilising the specific muscles used for swimming. Work on your upper body with SWYMLINE’s rotating bench designed to execute the full range of swimming strokes. 

That’s not to say that traditional dryland training needs to be replaced, it is very effective, however workout varieties help keep training exciting. SWYMLINE provides users with a selection of  pre-defined workouts to choose from including a short sprint session or a longer threshold sessions in the lake. 

2) Save your time:

The past few months have been challenging for us all. Lockdowns, isolations and pool closures have left many of us feeling unmotivated. Dryland training is the perfect time saver no more struggling to find a parking space or spare locker. 

SWYMLINE saves time and tracks time. Our built- in app feature will measure the time it takes you to complete a workout along with other metric such as strokes counts and power output, to give you all the data you need to improve. 

3) Improve your technique:  

You may think of spending hours and hours in the pool to improve your technique. This may not always be the best way. Unless you have a coach giving you feedback on your technique, its hard to know if you are improving.

Unlike with other swim ergometers, SWYMLINE intends to use motion capture and machine learning to provide the swimmer with feedback about their technique, so you have a coach with you at all times.